4WD Upgrades

4wd Power Upgrades

Looking for more power out of your 4wd. With years of experience and access to some of the best parts out there we have lots of options available to upgrade your car. 1st thing to remember is a healthy motor makes power. As a team of qualified and experienced mechanics we can inspect and carry out repairs to your motor.With a healthy motor there is number of stages available to suit both requirements and budget. Some of these include:

4wd Performance Exhausts

With a wide range of high flowing exhausts from turbo back or extractors. A good exhaust system will allow a drop in EGTs and help spool up turbos quicker. We can also customise exhausts to suit individual vehicles that may require custom exhausts to either suit different motors or to cater for aftermarket fuel tanks. Talk to us about your requirements.


As a HPD dealer we can supply and fit a large range of high flowing intercooler kits to suit a large range of turboed vehicles. With an average of 100 degree drop In EGTS from fitting an HPD intercooler its a must for any owner looking to extract more power from there car.


Diesel Smart Modules

As a Diesel Smart Dealer we can supply fit and tune module on your 4wd. As no vehicle or module/chip is the same, the biggest advantage of the Diesel Smart is that they are individually tuned to your vehicle on a dyno which makes the most of other modifications on the vehicle such as exhausts and intercoolers. This way vehicle reliability and longevity isn't sacrificed and the vehicle is running at it's best. Another advantage is the ability to have factory economy and have plenty of power on dial for when you have to tow that large caravan or work trailer around.

More information on the diesel smart module http://www.supercarperformance.com.au/diesel_smart...

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Engine Upgrade

Has your engine endured more long hard miles than it can handle? Or maybe you have different requirements than the original engine can cope with. We have the solution in the form of an engine upgrade. We can source and install a reconditioned or brand new engine to give you all the power, torque and endurance you need. Toyota 100 series 1HD-FTE Engine Upgrades.

Need more information, call Total Care.

Transmission Upgrades

Upgraded the power of your motor and your auto struggling to control it? Fitting a nomad shift kit will give better shifts and increase the longevity of the auto box. This new valve body from Wholesale Automatics firms up the shifts and gives you control over your auto.

Doing a lot of towing or hauling a lot of weight around? Fitting a transmission cooler helps keep your auto cool when it's under stress. Talk to us about the options available. We can supply and fit coolers to suit all late model autos including the new Jeep Wrangler autos.


Having the correct suspension for your vehicle is essential to road safety - both on and especially off-road. It takes experience, knowledge and the right equipment to determine and install the suspension that your 4x4 requires. We have a variety of products from the market leaders in suspension including King Shocks, Old Man Emu and Bilstein.

OEM King Shocks

King Shocks, the industry leader for over a decade, continues to leave the competition in the dust by providing the level of quality, consistency and performance that champions demand. Our ongoing product development has led the way long before we opened our doors in 1996. The original designs drawn by Lance King back in the early 80’s were created to fill the needs of the top level racers of the day. Nothing existed at the time that could stand up to the punishment dished out by racers.

Old Man Emu

Why an Emu? When and Emu runs, it's legs absorb most of the shock and allows its body to remain level and almost without motion, across all kinds of rough terrain. That’s what Old Man Emu try to attain with their design and installation of their suspension systems. They aim not just to increase the height of the vehicle but to fit specifically tuned parts that are matched to your vehicle, each allowing for different on board weight and levels of comfort and control.


Nothing delivers the control, handling, stability, comfort and sheer performance like a Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorber. They produced the world’s first gas shock absorber and they continue to lead the way in technology and development of superior products. From monotube gas pressure shocks to single and twin tube Macpherson strut style suspensions, you won’t be disappointed with Bilstein.

Differentials Locks

Total Care 4wd specialises in fitting Eaton electric lockers. These allow you to take on the toughest and roughest of terrain with increased traction. Standard differentials don’t provide the best traction off-road and even limited slip differentials don’t limit enough to allow you to keep moving forward. Automatic locking differentials also cause problems because they are very noisy when disengaging and can interfere with highway driving. The locker system solves these problems by delivering off-road traction without compromising your on-road experience. The flick of a switch activates solenoid controlling the specialised locking mechanism inside the differential.

4 Terrain clutches

Off road driving brings specialised needs. The 4 Terrain clutch system is engineered and designed specifically for the unique demands that drivers impose on their cars. So unique that no other manufacturer can match the characteristics and benefits.

4Terrain Off Road Cover Assemblies

4x4 systems need a higher torque capacity while retaining good pedal feel with fine modulation control. These characteristics inevitably increase heat which reduces service life. So the ideal 4x4 clutch system must also have improved heat dissipation. Materials Science has allowed us to include a better casting.

Spheroidal Graphite Castings

Approximately 300% stronger than a standard casting this material (sometimes referred to as an “Anti Burst” casting) not only increases strength by up to 3 times, it also improves heat dispersion – every 4 Terrain Clutch has one.

Balanced Covers

To insure that the clutch system performs at maximum efficiency and that no unwanted vibration is generated as the cover spins, all 4 Terrain cover assemblies undergo a 2 stage balancing process.

4 Terrain Off Road Clutch Plates

Smooth Engagement, fine modulation control, extended service life, less fade, increased torque capacity are all benefits of the unique 4 Terrain clutch plate design. The key to the success of the 4 Terrain clutch plate lies in the unique design of the clutch plate and formulation of the friction materials.

• Long Life: 4Terrain Aramide material displays wear characteristic which are 50% lower than conventional material.

• Less Fade: Fade is a term used to describe the drop in performance experienced in a clutch as the unit becomes heat affected. In serious 4WD applications high temperatures and therefore fade is common place. 4 Terrain Aramid material reduces heat induced fade by almost 50%.

• Smooth Engagement: As all experienced 4WDers know, the smooth engagement and disengagement of the clutch relates directly to the control you have over the motion of the vehicle. 4 Terrains friction material combination reduces judder (shudder) during operation. This improves “feel” and control of the vehicle.

Airbag Suspension

If you need to carry more than you can currently handle, then we can install Firestone airbag suspension - allowing you to get the most out of your 4x4s carrying capacity using an air pressure system. This system will keep the front end down and can level off centre loads and increase stability and control whilst reducing the strain on your current suspension. This is a must have for high load applications.

Brake Upgrades

Need more Confidence in your braking system? As a licensed workshop with qualified technicians we can inspect and carry out any needed repairs to your vehicle. If the standard system is not enough for your needs then we have options such as braided brake lines, variety of brake pads to suit different condition and in some vehicle cases we can upgrade boosters to give better pedal feeling and stronger performing brake. Don't take a chance with your brakes. Talk to us today.