Dyno Information

Before booking in an appointment for dyno tuning we're sure you have some questions about what exactly Dyno Tuning can do for you.

A Dyno is a tool used for measuring force, torque or power. We run diagnostics and emissions testing and tuning on your vehicle to determine the engine efficiency.

There are two types of things that are able to be done by Dynos.

Power Runs: A vehicle loaded onto the Dyno is put through it's paces. By forcing the vehicle to run in a certain gear through several thousand RPMs we can adequately compile data around the vehicle's torque and power within the RPM range. In addition to the torque and power data we also learn about the diagnostics of the vehicle and whether or not it is running as well as it possibly can as well as how it fares against other vehicles. Other data can be compiled including the IDC (Injector Duty Cycles) and AFR (Air Fuel Ratio).

Dyno Tuning: This usually takes place after a few Dyno Runs and in this stage our technicians steadily begin to make adjustments and changes to the configurations in the vehicle. More runs take place after to adequately measure how these changes impact your vehicle and if they are helping it to run to it's full potential. The Dyno Tuning process is one that takes time but yields very impressive results. It can improve the responsiveness of your vehicle and improve the power and torque to a much more impressive level.

Dyno Tuning can:

-Increase your vehicle power
-Greatly improve the throttle response
-Improve fuel economy
-Make your vehicle more reliable
-Increase the torque spread

While it is generally possible to improve our vehicles, Dyno Tuning can only do so much. Some vehicles are unable to be changed all that much which means that not everyone will be able to benefit as much as another from the Dyno Tuning process. Alternatively there are products and techniques available to us that allow us to help more than others for those situations.